Our specialty is custom plastic fabrication

We work with various materials, including acrylic, LUCITE, PLEXIGLAS, LEXAN, Styrene, SINTRA, PEGT, Polypropylene, Nylon, Delerin, to create a custom product that meets your taste and requirements.
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Types of Jobs:                                CLICK ANY ITEM BELOW

Cosmetics Fish Tanks Boxes
Office Aquariums Furniture
Bins Commercial Water4gas
Jewelry Pedestals And More...
Covers Trophies  
Food Picture Frames  
Rises Entertainment  
Sunglasses Forming  


A .Displays

i. Cosmetics

ii. Watches

iii. Bracelets

iv. Jewelry

v. Mirror

B. Menu Holders

C. Pictures Frames

D. Rises Leveled displays

E. Magazines racks

F. Fish tanks/ Aquariums

G. Cake Rises

H. Wine Racks

I. Waterfall Tables

J. Machine Covers

K. Pastry Cabinets

L. Table Tops

M. Plexi Bins

N. Tables

O. Bank Shields

P. Cubes

Q. Shelving

R. Sun Glasses

S. House Ware

T. Food merchandising

U. Signs Holders

V. Evacuation Signs Office organizers












Electro Core A

Electro Core B